Thursday, March 27, 2014

No Full Sheet Week

Good Morning!

I've taken the spring cleaning bug I've been bitten with to my craft room.  I decided to go with a NO full sheet week!  I have SOOO many scraps and I can't bring myself to throw them  (and all that money!) away.  I keep my Paper sets in large plastic bags handing in my closet.  That way I'm able to keep the books and scraps and whatever embellishments for each set together.  But the amount of scraps in most bags is amazing.  LOL  I also have 6 12x12 drawers full of scraps.  My goal for this week (at least!), is to use up those scraps and not touch a 12x12 sheet.  I'm hoping to do this until all my scraps are down to a manageable size.    :)

I found two images on Pinterest that inspired me, the first is from Rainy Day Creations.  I've been to Susan's blog, looking for the exact link to her card, but couldn't find it.  Susan's card was the inspiration for all the 4 x 5.5 sized cards.  (Her card looked way different than mine.  The inspiration I got from her card was the 3 panels and embossing them, in case you go looking for it.)

The 2nd card I found was from Verve Stamps.  I don't like to re-post someone elses work, but in this case, it's the only way to give her credit... another thing I hate to do is not give someone credit for their ideas that inspired me.  <Sigh>   I'm so glad her name is on her card!

Michele's card...

My take on this card...
I'll be back tomorrow with more cards, using the same cards as above for inspiration, but with another set of scrap papers.  No worries, I won't explain what I'm doing again tomorrow.  :)

Have an awesome week!

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