Friday, February 17, 2017

Z Box Fold card and a tip

Good Morning!

Earlier this week I received an e-mail from SCS (SplitCoastStampers) about a new tutorial on making a Z Box Fold card, also called a Double Z Fold, Z Fold and Box Fold.  For whatever reason, I could not get mine to turn out and went in search of different directions.  (Nothing was wrong with the directions themselves, I just was having "brain issues" with them.)   I found a youtube video done by Wow Nola Creations (awesome card!) and used those directions to make my base.  For a first try, I thought mine turned out ok.  Not as awesome as the samples on SCS and the you tube video, but that's ok.  lol

The card front, closed...
Opened and laying flat...
Two different views of it opened the correct way...

Now for my tip.  While killing time on Pinterest the other day, I read about a tip (and lost where I found it!  I'll post it when I find it) about dirty gross acrylic stamp pads and how to clean them!  I've tried all sorts of crazy things that are said to work, and don't!  Which is partly why after reading, I didn't save it.  Anyways, the tip was to put Purell hand sanitizer on the block and wipe off with paper towels or a cloth and buff it.  It really does clean it and make it look new again!!  I was so impressed that they looked brand new.  My newest block is 3 years old.  I don't do a lot of stamping, but I do a fair amount of embossing.  They were getting to the point I couldn't see through them anymore.  It was well worth the $2.99 to "save" all my blocks!

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