Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fall/Halloween Challenge Hop!

Welcome to the Fall/Halloween Challenge Hop! The bottom of this post has links to see all the projects Pam's very talented Design Team has created!! Please stop by The Bugbytes if you haven't started out there, to see what Pam has going on!!

For my project, I wanted to stick with a fall theme. I also wanted to continue using my Flower Shoppe cartridge. (For those who follow my blog, don't worry I think I'm finally done using this cart for a little while. lol )FYI the scarecrow in the background was found at JoAnn's, at 50% off.

I used several different flowers for this project, but to save you from reading so much and me from typing too much, I used one flower with a lot of pictures to explain how I made it. They are all basically created the same way. So, let's get started! I started out with the scallope1, cut at 4.5 inches. I used my quilling tool, although you can use your fingers, a pencil, paint brush or whatever you happen to have handy. You start at the outside and roll with the top side of the paper inwards.

Continue rolling until you reach the small circle shape at the end. Tuck the circle shape underneath your flower and slowly let your flower unroll until you like the effect. If you unrolled too far, just re roll it and start again. I use glue dots, since I think they are the easiest, and put it on the circle shape and tuck it underneath my flower center. Next I take a sharp tool (in my case for paper piercing) and punch it through the flower and out the small circle.

Next I took some floral stem wires and cut them to about 6 inches each. I stuck the wire through the flower.

When I was at JoAnn's, I also picked up ... I have no idea what they are called! lol ... but you can see them in the last picture with the red and orange beads, for lack of a better word. I cut them off the stem and dropped some liquid glue down the hole I just made, on top of the stem, which is half way through, and placed the (in this case) red piece inside.

Now the inside of the flower is done, although in some of them I just used the inside piece and added stickles to it. Next I cut Fun4 at 2.5 inches, again I cut several different types. I took a glue dot and placed it on the small circle and attached it to the back of the flower.

In these photos I used Tombo clear glue, but a glue gun is easier. I took the outer piece of the flower and added glue to the center. I attached the top piece to the outer piece. I added more glue to the underside of the flower to hold the stem in better. I let them sit upside down for several hours. (It doesn't take that long for the glue to set, but I had a funeral to go to.)

Now comes the fun part! Before my hubby and I got married, we had been best friends for several years. He lived in Texas and I live in Wisconsin. I was going through a rough patch at one point and he knew it, so he sent me some flowers. The container I used is the same one he sent me, about 15 years ago. I've had dried flowers in it ever since the real flowers he sent me died. SO, I took red and orange ribbon and tied it around the top and then added a red bow.

I started with the scarecrow from JoAnn's, with Sassy's help, of course! I was able to save the scarecrow, but I lost a few flowers along the way.

From here on, it was all fun. It was just a matter of picking which flowers I wanted to add and where. Sassy helped with the decisions, as you can see! LOL

Thanks for looking!

I hope you enjoy all the projects in the Fall/Halloween Challenge Hop. Feel free to leave comments along the way, they are what keeps us inspired to keep creating and postings projects! Have a wonderful day!!

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