Monday, January 7, 2013

Flip down stack card

Good Morning!

I'm always looking for different and interesting ways to make cards.  The other day I found a tutorial over at Splitcoast Stampers, (here ) and thought this would make a wonderful card for my husband.
A small-medium side story...I had three cats, two of which loved to craft with me.  This summer we found out that my oldest one Rummy (black and white) had cancer and they only gave him a few months to live.  He/we were very lucky and he was never in any pain, although he was only skin and bones.  New Years Eve he started breathing hard and stopped eating.  He made it until New Years Day at 5:25 pm.  He died at home and my husband and I were with him the whole time, petting him when he let me and talking to him the whole time, and while not pleasant (of course) he did not suffer and left rather calmly.  Which is way more than I can say about how I handled it.  Despite how bad my husband felt, Rummy was the first pet we got together, he put his feelings on hold and helped me cope, sort of.  Which brings me to why I wanted to make a special card for him.  So....

I started out with a 8 X 9.25 piece of card stock, which I scored at 4in.
I cut out a piece of patterned paper at 7.75 X 9 for the top of the card.  Using my spellbinders, I also cut 5 light pink scalloped squares at 2.25.

I also cut out a small piece of paper at .75 X 3 and folded it in half and glued it together.  Next I stuck the end not folded into my circle punch to round the edges.

The rest of this is a bit hard for me to describe, you might want to check out the link above!   With the wrong side up, line up 3 of the 5 squares.  Scs uses double sided tape, I just used my pink atg gun.  Keeping the squares even, run tape down the length of all three squares.
Next I took two pieces of ribbon and with the bottom square a tad bit closer to the middle square than the top square I attached the ribbon to the tape and cut off anything that hung over the edges.
I took another square and glued it over the bottom square.  Then I added the tab I made with my circle punch  and attached it to the center square.
I added my last square over the middle, which is the top piece that shows on the card.  Note that it is upside down at first.  The very top square is what will be glued to the card front.
Since I didn't have any photo turns or magnetic circles I had to use velcro tabs.  It worked, but I really didn't need anything that strong!  All that was left was attaching the top square to the card front and decorating the squares.  It was a pretty easy card to make, the hardest part was getting the ribbons even.

Thanks for looking!


  1. This is really a cute idea. Love it.


  2. Wow. It's a wonderful card. So glad you went out hunting for new type of cards to make. I sometimes do that too. Love the colors in this and the way you adapted using the stuff you have. Thanks so much for sharing.