Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My Inspiration Board

Good Morning!

As promised, here is the bulletin board I re-did, along with the clothes pins I "dressed up" a bit.

I started out with a large bulletin board, a plain Jane Walmart one.  I didn't take a before picture of it and I found the idea for re-doing mine HERE.  The 1/2 yard of material and 3 yards of ribbon came from Hobby Lobby.

The clothes pins I did before and after photo's of.  I started out with plain clothes pins like these....
I spray painted a dozen or so of them purple.  {I wouldn't suggest doing it exactly the way I did, because the hot glue didn't stick to some of the pins I spray painted.}  ...
Next, I hot glued thumb tacks to the back side of each of them.
Then I decorated them...

I wanted clothes pins (found the idea all over Pinterest! lol), because I wanted my bulletin board to be my "inspiration" board.  I plan to put my favorite cards up.  When I make a new favorite, I'll rotate it with one from the board and put it that one in my box to be used.  :)

All finished...


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  2. What a great idea and how lovely it looks!