Sunday, April 10, 2011

Nursery Tails cards

I was super surprised yesterday when my order (Nursery Tails) came from Custom Crops! I was surprised because I ordered it on Friday morning around 8:00 am! I don't think next day delivery is the norm, but I was thrilled anyways!! Whenever I get a new cart I try to always make some test cuts. I took those cuts and made cards out of them last night.


  1. Love your work! I always wanted to make an explosion box. You have done a very good tutorial on how to make one. Now to try one out myself! I may have to reconsider the Imagine after seeing your cards. Fantastic!

  2. OH! I just ordered this from them. I love seeing your projects- makes me feel like I ordered a great cart! So adorable!!!

  3. Your cards came out great! I totally love this cartridge.... so glad I got it to! :O)