Friday, August 12, 2011

Lovely Floral and Flower shoppe

I received Lovely Floral from my Cricut rewards points this week. Plus I ordered Flower Shoppe, which also came this week, so I've been playing around with both of them. I wasn't totally sure I would like both of them, but I do!! I was making some "practice" cuts with both carts today. I had no cards or LO's in mind, I was just seeing how things would turn out. The two cards I made today are fairly simple, but I love when a card comes together without a plan.

From Lovely Floral I cut out one of the flowers @ 4 and one of the birds sitting on a flower stem @ 3.

From Flower Shoppe, I cut out the 2nd swirled cut (whatever it's called lol) and I also cut out the 10th one, both @ 3.

Since I've never been able to make my own flowers, I'm thrilled with Flower Shoppe and how easy the flowers are to make. You'll be seeing more them in the near future.

Thanks for looking!

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