Monday, November 7, 2011

A Baby Wreath

Good Morning!

Today is my day to post at The Bugbytes! Thanks again to Pam for inviting me to be part of your awesome design team!!

I'm having a baby shower for my youngest Son and his other half. (I think they may be joined at the hips LOL) Diaper cakes are so popular, I wanted to do something different. I searched the web and found several sites where they are selling baby wreaths, so I set out to make my own.

I started out with a wreath form, size 2 diapers (I only needed 16 for each wreath) and rubber bands.

I opened up each diaper and put it around the wreath. I then took a rubber band and put it around the end of the diaper to hold it in place. (At the end I pulled the ends of the diapers open a bit more) Continue all the way around the wreath, the last diaper is a tight squeeze, but it helps to hold everything in place.

Now comes the fun part... unless you have cats! I named my blog 3 Cats and a Bug because I can never do anything crafty (or anything in general!) without at least one of the cats "helping" me, although in this case it was 2 of them! They LOVE curling ribbon!!! Anyway, at this point I decided what I wanted on my wreath. For my first wreath, it was a learning experience. I wasn't sure how to attach things to the wreath and not ruin the diapers, so I wrapped some ribbon around the wreath and attached things with glue dots.

NOT the way to do it, but like I said, it was a learning experience. :) The best way to do it is to use the rubber bands and slip the baby items inside the rubber bands. Then you tie the curling ribbon on top of the rubber bands to hide them. For two of the wreaths (I made 3 of them) I used bows to top off the wreath.

For the third one I used a frog rattle between two diapers and attached it that way. To change things up a little bit, I tied some regular ribbon (cats don't like that as much!)in a few spots instead of curling ribbon. (Sassy is pictured below, picking out her favorite ribbon. LOL I ended up replacing 2 of the ribbons because they "tag teamed" me and got to the wreath before I could get there!)

I'm hosting two showers next month, so for the third wreath I put it in my Mom's craft fair and it sold within 2 hours. I was beyond pleased by that!! Nothing says "you did a great job" as well as selling something you've made. LOL I will admit, blog comments rank up there just as high, but they just don't give you craft money. :)

Thanks for looking and have a great day!!


  1. Wow this is beautiful. Love it and the cat is so so cute. TFS

  2. I think I like the one sassy picked too! Although I think the pooh would be cute further decorating it. :) I think these would be great using cloth diapers too. TFS!