Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Need a purramedic?

Good Morning,

I made a Hello Kitty card last Friday (found here) and the few people I showed it to really liked it.  I decided to make a few more, but I wanted to do something different with the purple flower.  I used flower soft on two of them in different colors.  I really liked how the pink turned out.

 The only thing I don't like about flower soft is it flakes off in the mail.  Over the purple flower soft I tried using glossy accent, but I really didn't like how it turned out.

I tried using two different colors of stickles, but I didn't care for that either.

Like most people, I am my own worst critic!  I would really appreciate your opinions on the three types of flowers!!  Since I didn't care for two of them, you won't hurt my feelings.  :)

Thanks for looking!

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