Monday, November 4, 2013

More Candle Boxes ~ part 1

Good Morning!

I "blame" John from John Next Door and my husband for today's (and tomorrow's)  post!  (Thanks guys! :) )

I made another candle box, intending to give it to a friend who really liked the first one I made (here).  I showed it to my husband and he told me I always give away the "good ones", so I'm keeping this one....

and giving away the white one.

Next I made another one, intending it for my Mom for her birthday next month.  This one has a color changing candle inside, which looks really cool.  The paper is from DCWV's new paper stack at JoAnn's.

I showed this one to my husband and we talked about how my Mom always has candles on her table for big family gatherings.  I then mentioned that maybe I could re-figure the box size and make some for votive candles.  My husband suggested I give her the large box with two smaller boxes to sit on the side of it.  I loved the idea, the only problem being I used up the paper the matched the large candle.  lol

I am planning on finishing those up today and will post them tomorrow.  John, I LOVE your candle boxes and I thank you very much for the tutorial.... but.... wow, I'm spending a lot of time on these!  LOL

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