Sunday, January 22, 2012

Accident Scene LO

Good Morning!
This week at SweetSassyDiva's the challenge is to do a scene LO. When I started this project, the LO I did is not what I had in mind. lol It just kind of worked out that way. My youngest son will probably not be real happy with me over posting this, poor kid.

To make a long story short (er), he was having a ton of problems with his car. We decided it was best to get rid of his old car and buy something with less problems. He certainly needs a reliable car with the baby on the way. So my son and husband went car shopping and he came home with a "Competition Orange" Ford Focus SVT. He was happy and it was reliable, so I was happy. Three weeks into owning this car, he was coming home one night about 8:30 after class and hit a deer. Didn't seem to be a lot of damage, so he continues on his way home. 15 minutes later, about 10 miles from home, he hits a huge Raccoon! In the space of 20 minutes two animals totaled his car! It wasn't actually a tow truck who hauled his car away, it was a flatbed, but the meaning is the same. Ok, so on with my LO.

I used Everyday paper dolls for the roads. I cut them out at 5 and instead of using yellow paper for the stripes in the road, I used yellow stickles. The paper is from an old DCWV paper pack.

I used Nates ABC's for the car and cut that at 5. I used Gypsy Wanderings for deer and cut that at 5 also.

The tow truck, from Nates ABC's was cut at 3.

The Raccoon came from Animal Kingdom and was cut at 5.

Thanks for looking!

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