Thursday, January 26, 2012

Baby Brag Book

While I can tell you some of how I made this book, I can not tell you the sizes I used and how I did the binding. Check out this post HERE for the 1st book like this that I did and where I bought the pattern from. If you check out Laura’s blog, you’ll notice that I did this book differently. I didn’t want pockets, I wanted to show off my photos!

I started out with 5 pages,

and 8 flaps

I cut two pieces of chip board for the cover.

I attached 2 flaps to either side of 3 pages.

On the front and back page, I attached only 1 flap.

Once all my pages were glued together, I attached the covers. I prefer to attach the covers before adding my paper so I would have a bigger base for pictures if I needed it. (I hadn’t picked out what pictures I wanted to use at this point)

I glued all my pages together in book form, attaching the covers. (It's not fair to Laura to show you how I did this, sorry!!) I finished covering the rest of the pages, and then I added what pictures I wanted, leaving room for some future pictures.

A few pages left were left blank so I can add as we grow. :)

To the spine I added a paper clip with ribbons

To the front, I used my hot glue gun to attach the flowers. I added a border and another piece of patterned paper the I used MS punches on.

The back cover I just added a border to it

Thanks for looking!

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